Football Trading Review

Football Trading Review

A couple of years ago I managed to get myself into debt, not as bad as some people I have read about but bad enough for it to seriously affect my life. Well having trawled around the Internet and read about all sorts of products and websites I received an email about a football trading website. 6 months after starting to use the product I can safely say has made a big difference to my life.

Well I read the email and then looked at the website, the website promises to make you money by ‘trading’ on football matches using very simple and easy to follow instructions. Initially I wasn’t sure how the product worked. It’s talked about ‘trading’ with bookmakers. Now I was and still am not much of a gambler, would bet on the Grand National and have maybe one or two novelty batches each year Judi Slot Online.

However this product wasn’t talking about ‘gambling’ it was talking about ‘trading’ and given a bit of thorough reading. I understood what the difference was. The first thing I did was sign up for the email offered at the top of the website. That gave me some insight into the running of the product and also gave me the chance to check that the product worked like it said it did before I was signed up to it. Having contacted some people to see how well they were doing with the product, I signed up to it. Well the product claims to be easy to use, to make you money and to be ‘trading’ on football matches, not ‘gambling’, well I would agree with all of these statements.

The first thing I was concerned about was how much money I would need to get started. Being in debt I didn’t have much money to spare. Thankfully I only had to use 30 Pounds at the very start. The best way to explain how the product works is to imagine trading in shares on the stock market and then convert that idea into trading in scores and results in football matches. Now I would have said that trading on the stock market is complicated, still would now, but the guy Ian who runs this website sets it out so clearly and simply how to trade in football matches that I found it very straight forward to follow his instructions . Do you need to be a football fun to use this website, well yes I am a big football fan and that makes using this website more enjoyable, but no all you need to be able to do is to follow Ian’s simple instructions to succeed. Not all his trades succeeds, I would be amazed to find any system that is 100% successful, but the vast majority of them do. His claim that 95% of his trades are successful seems to be about right on my experience. The cost price to sign up for his website is $ 77 which is a very small price to pay for the amount of money the website will help you earn.

At the start I wrote that a couple of years ago I was in debt, well thank fully I can say that is not the case any more. The money I have earned from the website has paid of those debts and given me a bit of spare cash. No I’m not mega rich, if I had traded with more money so far then yes I would now be very well off but my aim was to get rid of my debts with the little spare cash I had, which I succeeded in doing. The website has got me out of a very big hole in my life for which I am very grateful. It is cheap to sign up for, easy to understand and use and makes you money and for all those reasons I would strongly recommend you sign up to Ian’s website and try it for yourself.

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